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Mr. Kalk’s Technology Classroom Newsletter for Foundations of Animation and Image Editing 1
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Midterm Exams Are Just Around the Corner.

With starting our first full week of October, it’s hard to believe this semester is almost half over. Students in all classes have learned a lot and I’m amazed at some of the things they have been able to create in either Flash or Photoshop. We have covered a variety of topics in each of the classes so far.

With our midterm exams coming up at the end of next week (10/15 – 10/16) classes are going to be wrapping up units for this first quarter and reviewing for the midterm exams.

To let you know how the midterm is prepared, each unit we cover has a quiz associated with it. I have taken the questions from those and put them into a test bank. I will have the computer select a certain number of random questions from each unit. This means that each student’s midterm will be unique but will cover the same material.

We will take a couple days to review material that will be covered on this midterm.

As the first nine-weeks is coming to an end, please encourage your child to submit their work to ensure they receive credit.

You can log into your Schoology account and see what assignments they have or have not turned in.

Recently, in addition to the specified assigned assignments I give students, I have begun having them create a final project for each unit. The idea behind it is to give them some choice in what they create. They also are getting peer feedback from the other students in the class. This is an example of one from our Animation class.

Recently, all classes completed a research project on Colleges and Careers related to animation, graphic design; etc. They created a visual presentation to share that information with me. I hope through the assignment, they were able to get some ideas about what it takes to be successful in that profession.

Last week, the Foundations of Animation course completed a unit on Shape Tween and Masks. They were able to have some fun with the animations they were creating. In Image Editing 1, we were learning how to create composite images in Adobe Photoshop.

Now that we have covered many of the basics of the software we’re learning, we are digging a little deeper into the tools and features of these programs.


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