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About D5live

In February of 2014, under the leadership of our Director of Instructional Technology, District Five held its first-ever “Visioning Day”.  The event brought together our Board of Trustees, students, parents, administrators and community members, all with one purpose:  to envision what a 21st Century education should look like.  The results set District Five on a new and exciting path, where technology would be at the forefront of every classroom.  We soon embarked on a five year plan, committing that all 3rd through 12th grade classrooms in District Five would be completely one-to one by the 2017-18 school year.

D5 Live is designed to transform teaching and learning, both inside and outside, the classroom.  As part of the program, District Five is equipping all students with a Dell Touch laptop. These devices were selected because of their compatibility with current and future software, access to a fast-growing library of educational applications (apps), and the ability to manage and secure the devices at a much lower cost.

D5 Live aims to give students 21st Century skills, preparing them for a successful future, in both college, and their careers.  These skills are the focus of South Carolina’s Profile of the Graduate, which our District and our state has endorsed.  Along with knowledge in all core subjects, we want to ensure that students are mastering these skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication and creativity.

D5 Live will address these needs by giving students a powerful educational tool that not only raises engagement and excitement for learning, but also provides them access to the vast global network of information available online.  It is our hope that it also allows a more personalized learning experience for all students.